Alexa Series

Alexa Crushed (Book 1)

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Alexa Loved (Book 2)

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What readers are saying about Alexa Crushed

If you are looking for one of the best trio romance with some thriller and suspense in the mix then Alexa Crushed is your kind of book.

-Bookaholic and More Blog (Goodreads Review)

There were so many twists and turns that kept me on my toes, throughout the novel – that I just couldn’t help but keep swiping my finger across my phone.

-Terra Reads (Goodreads Review)

This book hurt. It was a roller coaster of emotions and definitely is not a light read.

-Brianna’s Bookish Confessions

This book has so many twists and turns. It will keep you glued to your kindle. The story is so complex. Definitely a must read!!

-Dusty Summerford (Goodreads Review)

This book was beautifully heart- breaking and the love triangle was done perfectly.

-Taylor (Goodreads Review)

What readers are saying about Alexa Loved

Grab yourself (A LOT) of tissues, a blanket and some chocolate- your gonna need it while reading, trust me. But this is so worth the read!

-Brianna’s Bookish Confessions

The first book took me by surprise in so many ways. This book gutted me. Ugly horrible, snot dripping tears. But it also kept me at the edge of my seat.

-Courtney (Goodreads Review)

A fast, action packed read you definitely will want to read in one sitting. I absolutely recommend this series and I can’t wait to see what T.R Cupak brings out next.

-LLEP Book Blog (Goodreads Review)

An amazing read filled with a love that will have you in knots.

-The Book Fairy Reviews (Goodreads)

I have one thing to say to you before you read this book – BUY TISSUES!!!!
There is not a single chance that you will get through this book without having demolished a full box of tissues and having tried desperately to hide the fact that you are a sniveling mess!

-Books Laid Bare (Goodreads Review)